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So for my wine pick today, I am going back to a white wine and back over to the Rhone. I was there last week, yes with my Châteauneuf-du-Pape! Although the Southern Rhone, now I head up to the Norther Rhone.

This week, my wine pick comes from the Rhone’s most famous white wine appellation which makes wine exclusively from the Viognier grape, and that is Condrieu.

True to the characteristics which define a delectable, beautifully made Viognier, this one is seductive on the nose and mouth filling, rich on the palate, with ripe peaches, apricots, honeysuckle and floral notes, like violets, perfume, but not overly, juicy with a crisp acidity and long satisfying finish. A treat to be sure.




EPISODE WL 08-31-2015




I am going red today and am going to the southern Rhone and heading straight to the appellation of Chateauneuf du Pape, which translates to “the new home of the Pope”. Pope Clement the V made his home there for political reasons but we’re not going to go there! But he surely loved wine! Fast forward roughly 700 years Chateauneuf du Pape is now well recognized as one of the top wine producing appellations giving us big, full bodied, spicy, peppery wines, with depth, richness and made with up to 13 grape varieties!

VINTAGES#: 416289   $47.95 

Clos de Brusquieres Chateauneuf du Pape 2012 is my find. Intense from the nose to the palate to the finish, enticing aroma of deep cherry, red berries, a hint of floral, hmm hmm, the taste even more fulfilling with deeper flavours of cherry and berry, bit of licorice. And with a satisfying finish… please sir… may I have some more????



I truly am a Chardonnay kind of gal. No chance of me being a member of the ABC club…. Anything BUT Chardonnay especially when I get a taste of this stunning wine. My wine pick was brought to me by a good friend and fellow wine lover.
From the county, Prince Edward County, this 2013 Norman Hardie County Chardonnay Unfiltered was a knockout. What can I say… not inexpensive, but worth the $39.00 dollars.


The Chardonnay came from 5 different sites, all very close to the winery, with the idea of blending to create a richness, complexity from the various terroir. It reminded me of a great Burgundy but at a bargain price. So alluring on the nose, I love that toasty brioche aroma and then it had a mouth watering beautiful citrus flavor with a hint of mineral… really yummy!

Norman Hardie Winery

Listen to my wine review at 4:35 minutes into the show.

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We are talking today on the radio show about enjoying some wonderful summer sippers.I have to thank Linda, a friend of ours for bringing over this bottle of wine last week which I had never had the pleasure to taste.Thank you Linda!

It’s a pretty wine,pinkish and coppery in colour although they call it a white wine, not a rosé but the hue of pink is due to the grape it is made of Pinot Gris,which otherwise is known to most as Pinot Grigio.

It is the Kacaba Vineyards Jennifer’s Pinot Gris 2014. Kacaba Vineyards and Winery located on the Niagara Escarpment Bench in Vineland. The fruit was hand harvested then permitted to cold soak for twelve hours to achieve its bronze and copper hue before undergoing a gently hole berry pressing.

I found this wine quite elegant.It was fruit forward with touches of pink grapefruit, some red fruit and had a refreshing acidity. Much more going on in the glass than a lot of Pinot Grigios out there. I really enjoyed this Pinot Gris!




Available at the winery or online at Kacaba Vineyards and Winery. $17.95 per bottle

 On this week's radio show...Summer cocktails, beers and wines…dish it up! Lindeman's 1000 moments of Sunshine.Sip and Sleuth to Win - $100.00 Neal Brothers Foods tote bag filled with goodies and snacks.



We are well into the throws of summer and we hope you are all enjoying a little summer fun, whether at the cottage, on a beach or maybe on your patio or wherever you are. On today’s show we are going to share with you some spectacular summer drinks, cocktails, wines, super craft beers and snacks to help make your vaca days even that much more delicious!

Episode WL 07-20-2015

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David & Cynthia Enns

 Happy Canada Day everyone! I am also celebrating our west coast and the stunning Okanagan Valley, with a winery situated in the desirable sub region of the Naramata Bench. The Naramata Bench boasts ideal conditions for ripening Merlot and Bordeaux varieties. And believe me this is no laughing matter, the winery Laughing Stock strives everyday not to live up to its unfortunate name! Lol

My wine is the Laughing Stock Blind Trust Red 2012 Merlot Blend, and what’s cool about this wine, is the winery encourages you to have a Blind Trust in the wine by not disclosing the varietals on the label.Try it and see what you think. Its a big Bordeaux style blend.

A very intense wine with ripe blackberry, blueberry. Medium bodied and ripe tannins. Chocolate notes and a long finish.

If you really want to know the varietals are listed, they are kept under wrap and seal of the capsule. 

$37.95 at Vintages… at the LCBO


Episode WL 06-22-2015

Happy Canada Day! Introducing our new weekly radio segment SIP and SLEUTH To Win!


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