Award winning chef and author Suman Roy "From Pemmican To Poutine: A Journey Through Canada's Culinary History". Watch The Wine Ladies TV! Wed March 30th at 2:30PM -3:30PM on Join us Wednesday March 30th, 2011 at for The Wine Ladies TV as Chef Suman Roy award winning author, a Good-Food Activist, and a Philanthropist ChefsUMan takes us on a beautiful journey from the Atlantic to the Pacific exploring Canadian exceptional food culture with ingredients that are indigenous to Canada. Canadian cuisine and culture are mosaic of creatively designed dishes that are delightful to the taste buds and celebration to the eyes of Chef Suman Roy. Including of course a journey of wine from Canadian coast to coast as well. His book “From Pemmican To Poutine: A Journey Through Canada’s Culinary History” recently won the prestigious award for “Best Culinary History Book in Canada at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Paris and is creating history globally. Through recipes, history, and stories this book shines a much-needed spotlight on the uniqueness and deliciousness of Canadian cuisine. Chef Suman will be accepting his award for the Le Cordon D'or Gold Ribbon Awards in Florida on Sunday 15 May, 2011. Please join us as we welcome him to The Wine Ladies TV this Wednesday, March 30th, 2011.


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The Wine Ladies, “Fabulous Finds for Foodies”, Wine and more! Our latest discovery, 3S's Restaurant of Oakville, Ontario. The evening began early, not yet 5:00pm on the already bustling streets of downtown Oakville with storekeepers, vendors, and musicians feverishly preparing for the 19th Annual Jazz Festival. Oakville is a small, stylish town with a blend of unique shops including art galleries, boutiques, fabulous restaurants, cafes, decadent pastry shops and chocolatiers… We are here this evening with our camera crew to capture the magic of our latest “Fabulous Finds for Foodies” the 3 S’s Restaurant, Seafood, Steak and Song. Here to share with everyone why 3 S’s is our top pick for not only incredible cuisine and fine wines, with a passion for supporting “local” in both, but also extreme talent in the way of song, from opera, to jazz and musical comedy. The restaurant crew is working at a frenetic pace to prepare for what will be an incredible evening. Inside the tables are set to perfection, upon crisp white linen tablecloths. Stunning art pieces, including works from the private collection of the proprietor hailing from Fredericton, NB, grace the walls as well as beautiful, engaging and thoughtful pieces courtesy of local artists. 3 S’s passion is to pleasure all the senses, from the food, to the wine, the art on the walls and the incredible voices of the servers. Yes, the servers, many Broadway bound, others having performed in operas in multiple major cities throughout Europe, still others with CD’s from jazz to pop and rock. Throughout the evening an incredible cast of servers serenade the guests with a variety of song allowing one to enjoy a new and distinctive dining experience, the only one of its kind in Canada.  Laura Macdonald-Rumi, one of the General Managers, with a Fine Arts Degree is in her element here, living her passion for all that is fine; at the helm Laura seamlessly orchestrates 3 S’s into providing a symphony of the perfect evening for the patrons. We, along with our entourage this evening, family members from Montreal enjoy a multitude of dishes paired exquisitely with a range of wines.

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Watch The Wine Ladies TV! Wed Sept 14th, 2011 at 2:30PM -3:30PM on DINE magazine is Toronto’s leading magazine for reaching active food lovers who enjoy the dining out experience. Sara Waxman, renowned taste-maker and travel journalist, brings more than 30 years of knowledge to the table, and then invites the reader to join her, whether at restaurants in Toronto, or around the globe. Sara and her well trained taste buds joins us this week on the show as she tastes and tells all! Also joining us in studio Adam Waxman, contributing writer Dine Magazine who brings along some Niagara wines for us to enjoy and taste. One is a Chardonnay Musque from Ravine Vineyards and the other is called Family Tree (a red blend) from Henry of Pelham. Both wineries are owned and operated by U.E.L. families who have owned these lands since the 1700s, and yet they both represent what is new and exciting about Niagara. Perfect timing as the LCBO's 20th annual Ontario wine promotion inviting customers to find their local favourites launches this week. 

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Hi everyone, As The Wine Ladies, we are in an industry where we enjoy wonderful wine and food every day. Now we want to share all of our favourite spots and special finds with you. Introducing "Fabulous Foods For Foodies, wine and more!"

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Valentine's Day, the most romantic day of the year is here. A day filled with red roses, decadent chocolates, Champagne and lots and lots of amore!

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