On to a delicious variety of wines to grace your holiday table, we have the whole gamet covered with our next esteemed guest described as a “genius winemaker, Chief Winemaker for the legendary Casillero del Diablo wines from Chile, one of the most successful brands in the world in over 135 countries.




Marcelo Papa to join us. What wines will be chilling in your ice buckets, served on your table, and with what this holiday season? Marcelo Papa here with awesome recommendations and great stories including the legend of the Cellar of the Devil.

Listen to Marcelo Papa at 20:55 minutes in the show.




Brand new to our market, a new Portuguese wine called Porta 6! "Porta 6 a 90 POINTER", claims Decanter Magazine is from the region of Lisboa. It brings great taste, super value, and street art all together.




Victoria Ivanyushkina, will be calling in from the UK, Victoria is the Director of BinCellar Limited, to fill us in on our latest discovery.

Listen to Victoria Ivanyushkina at 42:52 minutes in the show



 This organic wine and food pairing dinner could not find a better partner and location than Brad and his restaurant at the Evergreen Brick Works. He has an unparalleled commitment to sustainable and organic farming, he is all about creating a connection between the natural food from our land, the farmers that nourish and harvest it, and ultimately, the people who enjoy it.




Starting off today with our first guest from the organic and biodynamic wine making pioneer Bonterra Organic Vineyards, out of California, we will welcome Vineyard Director David Koball, and you will get to hear first hand what exactly organic and biodynamic farming entails, plus even more importantly the impact organic and biodynamic farming has on our environment, it is remarkable.

Listen to David Koball at 6:33 minutes in the show.




Talking about Merlot Madness our next guest really makes a splash and dives right in with his line of wines appropriately called “Cannonball”. Remember when you were a kid, with not a care in the world, jumping in the pool, making a huge splash, just pure fun and enjoyment, really loving life… so that right there is the Cannonball Wine Company philosophy, not taking themselves too seriously although serious about making great quality and super value wine, including their Sonoma County Cannonball Merlot!



We welcome from Sonoma County, the Founder and CEO of Cannonball Wine Company, Yoav Gilat to the show, making his first splash in 2006, when the company was founded. When’s the last time you enjoyed a Cannonball, Cab or Merlot?

 Listen to Yoav Gilat at 18:50 minutes into the show


Episode WL10-25-2015





Please see all current Cannonball offerings.

Wines Imported via Rogers & Company


Happy Halloween !!! @DuckHornWine We recommend you eat, drink, and be scary this Halloween! #MerlotMe #Halloween #scary




Duckhorn does it best! It is a grape that can and does produce outstanding, delicious, coveted wines such as the one we will open up our show with today, a Merlot served at Presidents inaugurations.This Merlot is the benchmark Merlot for Napa Valley and California, and the company is Duckhorn Vineyards.

Duckhorn Vineyards is actually the initiator of this month long #MerlotMe international spotlight on the varietal, started a few years back…and we’re going to begin by welcoming Renée Ary Renée Renee Ary, the winemaker at Duckhorn to fill us in on her award winning Merlots, as well as give us more info on Merlot Madness!

Listen to Renee Aray at 6:34 minutes into the show

Episode WL10-25-2015








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