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Dear Wine Ladies,

As I indulge in one of my favorite holiday beverages, an eggnog and rum cocktail, I take note of my clothing becoming increasingly tighter. With a number of cocktail parties and dinners yet to attend I wonder if a glass of wine (or two) might be a more prudent choice? I'm sure that it would, but by how much I wonder? What is the caloric count of wine, and are some less fattening than others? How would a mixed drink compare as well?

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 Dear Wine Ladies,

I have a bottle of walnut liquor which I bought in England a while ago. My question is what can I mix it with since it's so awfully sweet and the recipes I found on the internet are about adding various syrups, scotch or vodka...I'm not really sure about these. The liquor is strong enough on its own and certainly doesn't need more sugar in it... Please help! Thanks a million.

Houston, Texsas

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Dear Wine Ladies,

I recently heard about a new product called the Vinturi that softens a wine instantly. Are you familiar with it and does it work? Is this the same as the soiree you talked about a few months ago?

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Dear Wine Ladies,

Could you please tell me what ingredients or process of wine making some one could have allergies to? I am not allergic to tannins or alcohol, and have been unsuccessful in finding an answer to why I am allergic to wine. Could certain grapes specifically or certain regions be the problem? Thank you in advance.


Port Credit, Mississauga


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Dear Wine Ladies,

I was recently introduced to a couple of wines which surprisingly came from Vancouver Island; one was from the winery Zanatta and the other from Averill Creek.

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