Ask The Wine Ladies

Dear Wine Ladies,

The last several visits to my local wine store has ended in great satisfaction with respect to the taste, quality and price point of the wines that ended up in my shopping cart.

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Dear Wine Ladies,

Sabering a bottle of sparkling wine with a hockey skate; how perfect for the winter Olympics this month! I enjoyed seeing that on your show last week with Daniel Speck. My question is about the Cuvee Catherine sparkling rose, or roses in general. How and when is the red wine added to the sparkling wine to give it the colour?

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Dear Wine Ladies,

I have been a fan of California wines for over fifteen years, but have noticed lately that they seem to be packing a bigger "alcohol" punch, more now than ever before. Is this my imagination, or am I just getting older and unable to handle it?

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Dear Wine Ladies,

My husband and I will be celebrating New Year's Eve at a dinner party hosted by a great friend and superb chef! I have heard of icewines, although never tasted one, and just learned that there are also sparkling icewines.

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