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Dear Wine Ladies,

War and Peace wine lists make me nervous. I don't know where to start and feel totally intimidated. I end up glossing over the pages taking way too much time trying to find something familiar and appropriate. Recently back on the dating scene, any advice on how to navigate such a wine list and order a suitable wine would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin, Chicago

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Dear Wine Ladies,

The recent hot days are turning my attention to changing up what is typically stocked on my wine rack. Can you recommend a few summer wines that would be appropriate to have on hand? Should red wines in general be reserved for the cooler days being too heavy?

Brampton, Ontario

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Dear Wine Ladies,

Living in Vancouver I often visit Washington State for short holidays and bring back some duty-free. Over the years I have noticed that the duty free scotch whiskey does not taste as good as the regular scotch in the BC liquor stores. The alcohol content of the duty-free scotch is usually slightly higher than the BC bought product; but this can be mostly discounted by adding a little more water to the duty-free product. So doing a taste test of both products side by side, there's no doubt there is a big difference. One of the brands I am talking about is Glenfiddich. I have asked the manufacturers of these brands about this, but they claim there is no difference. Thanks for your columns: I read them in every issue of 24!

Robert, Vancouver

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The last several visits to my local wine store has ended in great satisfaction with respect to the taste, quality and price point of the wines that ended up in my shopping cart.

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Why is it that most of the wines from New Zealand all seem to have screw caps, whether white or red? Do the red wines not need the cork closure so they can breathe and age properly?

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