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Dear Wine Ladies,

Around what temperature should we be storing our wines? Do the white wines and red require a different temperature?

Marie, Chicago, Illinois

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Dear Wine Ladies,

How does one know when or not to cellar a red wine? I have quite a few that have collected over the years in cold storage in my basement.

John, Austin, Texas


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 Dear Wine Ladies,

Over the last couple of years I've been enjoying Zinfandel more and more, particularly the ones that indicate coming from old vines. I've only ever seen them from California and was wondering if it is a grape that orginate's from there or if other places make them? Speaking of "old vines" how old do they have to be, to be able to claim that on the label?

Graham, Vancouver.


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Dear Wine Ladies,

I've heard you talk about enjoying wines with chocolate many times and have dabbled in finding appropriate pairings. I'd love to throw a small party featuring the two but am not really sure where to begin. Could you offer me a couple of suggestions as to how many wines and how many types of chocolate I should offer, as well as the format the evening might take?

April, Oakville, Ontario

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Dear Wine Ladies,

I tasted a delicious Vidal Icewine which I learned was aged in oak. Is this typical? Are Icewines ok to age or should they be consumed when young?

Barry, Toronto

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