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Dear Wine Ladies,

I was thinking of bringing an icewine to a dinner party being thrown to congratulate a friend of mine on her newly acquired role in a television series.  A lover of sweet wines icewine seemed like a good choice but then I learned there are also sparkling ice wines.  What are they like and would this be an appropriate wine to bring? Are they served chilled like a regular white wine and are they served in white wine glasses?


Dina, Bolton, Ontario

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 Dear Wine Ladies,

My husband and I always try to support our own Ontario wines and discovered recently an Ontario wine that came from an area we had no idea made wine. Most familiar with the Niagara and Prince Edward County regions we were surprised when a friend brought over a wine from the Oak Ridges Moraine just north of Toronto. Is this a new wine region and are there others that perhaps just don't get the attention the well known regions receive?

Sarah, Burlington, Ontario

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Dear Wine Ladies,

As a fan of Sauvignon Blanc my wife recently enjoyed a wine that was labeled Murphy-Goode Sauvignon Blanc The Fumé from California. She absolutely loved it!Does “The Fumé" refer to another grape that is used in the making of this wine?


San Diego, California



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Dear Wine Ladies,

As a fairly recent transplant from the west coast via a brief stint in Calgary and Saskatoon, I am dismayed by the lack of Okanagan wines found here on the shelves and across Canada. I recently discovered a stunner of a Chardonnay, although a little pricey, well worth it from what was in the bottle to the exquisite and innovative packaging. It was called Perpetua, was luscious and creamy with an aroma of lemon, absolutely delicious. With the spring coming, I am wondering if this company makes any equally impressive red wines, and if so how would I go about finding them.


Thornhill, Ontario

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