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So this week I went with a red wine today too. My pick is from Paso Robles, situated on California’s Central coast and actually Georgia and I visited this winery a couple of years ago, we headed down the coast after shooting our show in Napa Valley.

So J, for Jerry Lohr, has been around since 1974, a hugely successful brand, one of America’s most known wineries, they have two wine centers now, one in San Jose and of course the one we visited. J Lohr is actually one of the few family owned estate-focused wineries of this size.

To the vino, you know me pretty well, how often do I gravitate to Merlot? Not that often right? So this time I did and I was super happy about the J Lohr Osos Merlot 2013 $21.95 I cracked open when I got home!

So this Merlot actually has a substantial dose of Malbec in it, no shrinking violet this wine, bright, seductive aroma of plum and blueberry, full juicy dark fruit flavour and a lengthy finish. PLUS 2013, they are saying is was an extremely strong vintage for Paso Robles!


 JLohr Los Osos Merlot 2013 $21.95 

Listen to my review at 5:05 minutes in the radio show.

Episode WL 05-11-2016





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This week Georgia and I visited the annual California Wine Fair that took place here in Toronto. Over 150 producers were represented and we thought it would be fun to each select our favourites from the show for this week’s wine pick. There was a lot to choose from, we didn't try everything but we found some lovely wines.

Susanne enjoys glass of the Clos du Bois Calcaire Chardonnay 2013 at the Toronto California Wine Fair.


 Listen to my review at 7:10 minutes in the show on episode WL 04-23-2016


I picked a Chardonnay, mine is from the esteemed region well known for their Chardonnay and that is of course Russian River Valley, in the Sonoma Valley. My wine is the 2013 Clos du Bois Calcaire Chardonnay. Just  released in Vintages April 2nd - $29.95 Vintages # 421941

Clos du Bois has been making wines for 4 decades now combining the best of California wines that are both fruit forward with the elegance of the French resulting in wines that are both elegant yet approachable. And this wine certainly is that.

Delicious from the 1st sip as well, with hints of citrus oranges and lemons, beautifully balanced acidity and a lovely long finish. I say a resounding YES to this wine!



Spring fever is finally upon us and I wanted to kick of the season in style! What better way to celebrate than with a beautiful glass of bubbly. Although I do enjoy a glass of Champagne from time to time its not always in my budget, so I searched out for one of the most popular bubblies out there and that is of course Prosecco.

We know, this sparkling wine must come exclusively from one of two wine growing regions in north eastern Italy which are Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. In fact the name comes from the Italian village of Prosecco near Trieste and is also the name of the wine and was until recently the name of the grape. Due to a change in regulation in 2009  the “Glera” grape which is a long standing synonym for Prosecco was officially recognized as the proper grape name used to identify this iconic Italian export.

$17.25 per bottle (case of 6). Available through VDF Wines & Spirits.


My discovery, the Pitars Prosecco DOC made from a fourth generation, historic and stunning winery located in Friuli. This Prosecco  is lively with zesty fruits and floral notes and  of course, BONUS  its affordability at just  $17.25 per bottle. It's pretty exclusive too as its not sold through the LCBO but is available exclusively by the case (6) here in Ontario through

So I an kicking Spring off is style with my Pitars Prosecco! 


TUNE in April 14, 2016 to listen to my review at 5:20 minutes in the show. 


Episode WL 04-13-2016 



I think we are on a French kick here today, my wine too hails from the South of France, although from the Northern Rhone and from a very well known and respected family owned house which is E. Guigal.



This was a juicy syrah, with a syrah, of course, it was juicy! This is a medium bodied wine, not always in the mood for a heavy weight, it was perfect with my baby lamb chops.
A juicy syrah, with notes of spice and hints of earth. It had softer tannins and was definitely a crowd pleaser among all of us at the dinner table. Here in our market it sells for $28.95, from a producer you can always depend on, E. Guigal founded in 1946.

Distributed by Vinexx.


Listen to my review at 5:02 minutes into the show



















I am going through a nuts for New Zealand phase, having discovered a few great finds lately and so here is one of my latest…and NO it’s not a Sauvignon Blanc, although  a white wine, it is the 3rd most popular white varietal in New Zealand and mimics very much the style that you might find in Alsace.


My wine pick is a Pinot Gris, the Tiki Estate Pinot Gris 2014, from Marlborough.  $17.95


Tiki Wine and Vineyards was founded by Royce and Sue McKean and the name Tiki pays homage to Royce’s great great grandfather, Tiki 

Terre Mihi, Chieftain of the Nagati Uenuku tribe.

VINTAGES#: 295279  


Distributed by Churchill Cellars Ltd.


 Listen to Susanne's Wine Review at 3:56 minutes into the show.


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