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We are celebrating Canada from coast toast here today. So for my wine pick I have selected a wine from a winery located in the west, the stunning Okanagan and specifically the Osoyoos wine region, the Okanagan’s most southern tip, Canada’s only real desert. This is red wine country and home to North America’s first aboriginal winery, Nk’Mip Cellars. 


Several years ago Georgia and I had the opportunity to visit Nk’Mip winery, interviewed the winemaker Randy Picton and in fact stayed at the Nk’Mip Resort a beautiful spot that showcases  a rich native heritage.

For my wine pick I have selected the Nk”Mip QwAM QwMT Cabernet Sauvignon 2011. This wine had a rich cocoa and cherry palate with soft, supple tannins. Delicious, available in our market here through VINTAGES at the LCBO for $27.95 per bottle. Agent: Constellation.


Episode WL 06-22-2015

Happy Canada Day! Introducing our new weekly radio segment SIP and SLEUTH To Win!





Joel Peterson, affectionaly known as the "Godfather of Zin."

With Father’s Day approaching I thought I would pick something that would appeal to Dad’s and their love of the almighty BBQ. I am sure that’s how a majority of Dad’s out there will be celebrating their Father’s Day and we know that Dad’s  love their beef, from burgers to steaks and a rack of ribs.
My pick to celebrate this Father’s Day is a wine that is brand new to our market. It is the Ravenswood Besieged 2013 from Sonoma California. Awhile back we had the  opportunity to meet Joel Petersen,the  founder of Ravenswood several years ago and it was at a BBQ!

Ravenswood Besieged 2013

Red Blend

—VINTAGES#: 414136



This wine is a beautiful blend of Petite Sirah, Carignane, Zinfandel, Syrah, Barbera, Alicante, Bouschet, and Mourvedre. The grapes are sourced form 6 different vineyards, including the Alexander Valley, Russian River Valley and others.
The wine is big and juicy, fruit driven, ripe red berry with plenty of structuring tannins. Something super special for Dad… $24.95 here in our market.



Listen to my wine review at 3:59 minutes into this week's radio show.


On this week's show...Calling all Dads out there.This show is for you! We have you covered for your special Father's Day!
Coming up we’re going to talk about what might be some of your favorite things…like lip smacking delicious bold burgers or crunchy flavor filled spicy homemade tacos or to quench your thirst how about a small batch craft beer chock full of flavor,no additives,all natural, just 100% pure delicious
Or straight from the small,rugged and remote Scottish island of Islay comes the authentic premium single malt Scotch whisky,a wee dram for you lads perhaps?

 And for the fine wine,food and film buff we bring you the 2nd annual Niagara Integrated Film Festival, taking place on Father’s Day weekend where you can choose from a plethora of wine tasting diners, movie premiers, short film screenings, and much more!

And finally the tables are turned on The Wine Ladies when we are interviewed by Laura Wolfe a student who is studying the art of social media and blogging. We give her our thoughts on social media!

Alright so its time now to salute all the Dads out there, Happy Father’s Day, let's start!!!


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So we always like to share some of our "The Wine Ladies" wine experiences with all of you and last week we attended one at the beautiful Bosk restaurant located in the Shangri-La Hotel in downtown Toronto. We had the opportunity to meet James Healey who was visiting here from Marlborough and James is one of the two founders of the prestigious New Zealand winery,Dog Point Vineyard and also the former winemaker of Cloudy Bay.

We had a great time and Nigel Sowman the head viticulturist at Dog Point Vineyard was also there (loved his accent) as well as Richard Dittmar the VP of Trialto, the agency that represents this winery here in Canada.Between the 5 of us we had some great wine and some great conversation.

James, Nigel, (on the left) Richard on the right) and Susanne and Georgia.

Susanne with James Healey and Nigel Sowman of Dog Point Vineyards.

Although difficult to choose my favourite among the wines we tasted, I also wanted to pick something that everyone could enjoy right here in our market. As I am such a fan of Sauvignon Blanc, my wine pick this week is the Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc 2014 from the New Zealand region of Marlborough famously known for its Sauv Blanc. $24.95 in our market, a little more of a premium price, but well worth it…for the few extra bucks I loved the zesty lemon, and the racy acidity, the round texture and long finish, I am down, sold!


On this week's show...Unlock your love of Cinema.The 2nd annual Niagara Integrated Film Festival, otherwise known as NIFF is coming up soon, kicking off June 18th -21st.
Over 50 films will be premiering and the Niagara region will be awash with actors, movie directors, producers, script writers, its going to be fantastic. 
 “Uncork your love of Cinema” at this weekend long event marrying film, food and wine,  with a wide range of ways you can participate, starting off with a stupendous opening night extravaganza gala, loads of movie screenings, wine tastings, and glittering after parties just to name a few.
 Lets not forget the other stars… our star winemakers,and chefs who have teamed up to bring you the  foodie and film  buff oscar worthy wine tasting dinners, exquisite wine and food pairings all weekend long.


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So for me this week, I am going to our wine growing region of Lake Erie North Shore, our most southerly wine region, and to a winery we are very familiar with Colio Estate Wines.


In fact we commandeered the mechanical harvester in the Sauvignon Blanc vineyards not too far back.. and have stomped grapes in the barrel cellar…we’ve got quite the intimate relationship with this winery!

 My pick is Colio’s Bricklayer’s Reward Old Farm Cabernet Franc 2012 (vintages 395277)…which by the way Cab Franc is the Papa of the King Cabernet Sauvignon.And Colio’s Cab Franc vines are in the oldest part of their vineyard, so called the “Old Farm”, not one to gravitate naturally to Cab Franc but this time I did and I am glad I did.


For $19.95 big bouquet of blackberries, raspberry touch of spice, of pepper and on the palate big flavor of more blackberry and cassis, I really like it… with my roasted lamb chops I made on my Himalayan salt stones! Great by for $19.95

Listen to my wine review at 5:12 minutes into this week's radio show.


On this week's show...I am Chardonnay and my day is International Chardonnay Day coming up May 21st.

Our subject,narrow, yet very broad, global in scope of importance to many many wine makers, and certainly wine lovers,and drinkers alike…around the world……we will be dedicating this show and honoring one of the most popular and prolifically grown white, wine grape varietals!

Here is a description of the varietal. Can you guess?

I am a white grape, of noble heritage of the species vitis vinifera.
I am planted in over 400,000 acres worldwide.
I can be made in many styles.
I am NOT finicky.
I have a club named after me…the ABC Club.
There are also numerous spas using me as their namesake, and even baby girls are being named after me.
I am so special that I have a special day that has been named in my honor, on which 1000’s of people around the world celebrate my heritage, what I am and the kind of wines I can make.

I am Chardonnay and my day is International Chardonnay Day coming up May 21st, hence our dedication to this illustrious grape here today!



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 So for my wine pick this week I tried something very special this past weekend from one of our local wineries here in Niagara-on-the-Lake. As you know back in January we had our annual Shimmer of Gold Icewine Tour and visited Charlie Pillitteri of Pillitteri Estates Winery.

 Pillitteri Estates Winery is the world’s largest estate producer of Icewine.

We had a beautiful tasting of Charlie's  wines in their stunning barrel room.

Although there were many fine wines,the Pilletteri Riserva Famiglia Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 was a standout in my opinion. Charlie, gave me a bottle and well this weekend I tried it again. It proved to be a stunner once more!. 


Full bodied, barrel aged, appassimento style Cabernet Sauvignon.Notes of cedar, dried fruits with a meaty and eucalyptus finish.  Age 10-15 years, smooth firm tannins.Definitely something for a special occasion. Available at the winery $78.20. 

Listen to my review at 2:58 minutes into the radio show.

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This week's episode....Episode #22  (WL-05-04-2015)

Drink New Zealand and think the "King of Sauvignon Blanc",sustainability and the meteoric rise in popularity!


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