So this week I went with a red wine today too. My pick is from Paso Robles, situated on California’s Central coast and actually Georgia and I visited this winery a couple of years ago, we headed down the coast after shooting our show in Napa Valley.

So J, for Jerry Lohr, has been around since 1974, a hugely successful brand, one of America’s most known wineries, they have two wine centers now, one in San Jose and of course the one we visited. J Lohr is actually one of the few family owned estate-focused wineries of this size.

To the vino, you know me pretty well, how often do I gravitate to Merlot? Not that often right? So this time I did and I was super happy about the J Lohr Osos Merlot 2013 $21.95 I cracked open when I got home!

So this Merlot actually has a substantial dose of Malbec in it, no shrinking violet this wine, bright, seductive aroma of plum and blueberry, full juicy dark fruit flavour and a lengthy finish. PLUS 2013, they are saying is was an extremely strong vintage for Paso Robles!


 JLohr Los Osos Merlot 2013 $21.95 

Listen to my review at 5:05 minutes in the radio show.

Episode WL 05-11-2016





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