So I am happy to share with everyone my wine pick today because it has been a favourite of mine and to be honest at first I didn't even realize it was organic. I just knew I loved it.... a bonus biodynamic!

From Mendocino, California, my pick is Bonterra which means "good earth" Chardonnay. Because of Mendocino's climate, hot, dry summers for great diversity of cover crops, olive trees, a variety of poppies and even strands of lavender can be seen among the vineyards, perfect for biodynamic farming. This is reflected in the taste in the glass!

It is a rich wine, buttery and nutty, mouth filling and with a crisp acidity and aromas and aromas and flavours of tropical fruit, lemon. It is a delectable journey on the palate and with a long standing finish. Just hits the high note time after time!



Vintages- 342436


Listen my review at 3:53 minutes into the radio show.

Yes, the Chinese New year is just around the corner, it is celebrated on February 8th…and so we thought it would be fun and really interesting to do a show on the celebration of the holiday and also explore a little about the Chinese culture, cuisine and wine . 

Pillitteri Estates Winery Icewine the perfect pairing for celebrating!


 It just so happens that one of the most coveted and prestigious beverages enjoyed on this holiday and other days throughout the year in China happens to be Canadian!
Often referred to as liquid gold, it is our iconic Icewine! And Pillitteri Estates Winery is one of the most prestigious and largest producers and exporters of Icewine to China, so naturally we spoke with them all about it. 


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