Celebrating Women From Around The Globe With International Women's Day!

Tune in Wednesday March 1st, 2017

We have a fantastic show for you today all in Celebration of International Women’s Day that is coming up on March 8th. International Women’s Day was officially launched in 1911 and today over 100 years later IWD is celebrated around the world with 1000’s of events taking place honouring women everywhere for their various achievements.

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So coming up today, The Dinner Party, is one such event, an annual fundraiser, started in 2003 is co-presented  by Women of Halton Action Movement and Zonta Club of Oakville. This is a fabulous evening coming up on March 8th, honouring International  Women's Day. Our first guest to fill us in on the event, to tell us a little more about the mission of Zonta, a global organization in 67 countries Catherine Bobesich, the Fundraising Chair and Communications chair of Zonta Club of Oakville.  

Listen to Catherine Bobesich at 4:13 minutes into the radio show.

For tickets to The Dinner Party. 


Off to Italy next with Marilisa Allegrini, owner of Italy’s 2016 Winery of the Year, a global ambassador for the iconic wine region of Veneto. A voice for the women today in this business traditionally dominated by men, the “voice of Amarone”. Marilisa will join us and share her story of this historic winery going back six generations, explore her philosophy, her challenges and her greatest accomplishments.

Listen to Marilisa Allegrini at 13:47 minutes into the radio show.


Wines available in our market include the Allegrini Palazzo Della Torre 2013 - $24.95 per bottle and the Allegrini Soave 2015 -$16.95 per bottle




Listen to Amanda Usher at 31:54 minutes into the radio show.



And finally our final guest is accomplished jazz musician, Emily Steinwall.The Emily Steinwall Quartet features some of the rising young stars in Canada's jazz scene. With a voice that is distinctive and emotional, sophisticated playing and a beat that swings, this group captures the essence of jazz. On March 15th, they will feature special guest Brian Dickinson, a Juno award-winning piano player and who has been a mainstay on the Canadian jazz scene for over thirty-five years. The group features Emily Steinwall on voice and saxophone , Hayden Farrar on upright bass, David Steinmetz on drums and Brian Dickinson on piano.

Listen to Emily Steinwall at 41:54 minutes into the radio show




Episode... Happy Valentine's Day! Something for him and her!

Wednesday, February 9th, 2017



Starring our esteemed guests


Valerie Gibson relationship expert and author of "The Later Dater" and “Cougar”Facebook


 Grégory Viennois Technical Director and Winemaker Domaine LaRoche@DomaineLaRoche 


 Bernard Walsh founder of The Walsh Whiskey Distillery and the company behind Writers’ Tears and Irishman Whiskey. @WalshWhiskey


 Louie Manzo proprietor Cabin, Goods and Grooming for Gents. @cabinforlife 



 Coming up next... The Wine Ladies Radio Show...Vivre à Bordeaux! Et Plus! Wednesday, February 1st, 2017





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This is a global show with a Canadian local flare!  


Bordeaux still until today defines the finest red wine in the world and for many winemakers whether in California, Italy or Spain in the old world or Chile, Argentina or California in the new, it is the benchmark. World renown is the famous 1855 Classification where upon the Emperor Napoleon the 3rd, wanted to display the best wines of Bordeaux at the Universelle de Paris Exposition, or The World’s Fair in today’s terms and so requested of the Bordeaux brokers to make a list of the highest quality properties.

 From this, the 1855 Classification remains today with just a few changes, famous names Château Lafite, Château Latour, Château Margaux, Haut Brion and Château Mouton Rothschild are recognized around the globe.  But what of the many other incredible wineries, Bordeaux is a large wine region, with so much to offer, with many wineries that produce delectable, elegant powerful superb wines and at great value?

 So on this show we introduce you to one such winery, located on the left bank in the Medoc, with the largest vineyard and largest producer of wine in this region, this brand, a beautiful award winning wine, is Château Larose Trintaudon which we will explore with our first guest.

We’d like to welcome Franck Bijon, the Technical Director and CEO of Château Larose Trintaudon to share the story of this winery and a little about the importance and romance of the historical wine region of Bordeaux.

Château Larose-Trintaudon 2012
Cabernet Sauvignon Blend
VINTAGES#: 297945 | 750 mL bottle 

$24.95 per bottle

Vintages release date Jan 21st, 2017



Macarons have been all rage in last couple of years! The rise of macaron dates as far back as the Revolutionary France during the 1700s. Legend has it that French nuns baked and sold these during difficult times to help them pay for day-to-day essentials. It’s also believed that macarons had a much more humble beginning, having started out with no filings or the array of unique flavours that we’ve come to associate them with. We’ve all tasted the notoriously sweet and airy macarons that come in the usual flavours of chocolate, strawberry, coffee, and lemon. But today is different- today we get introduced to the beauty of savoury macarons, orange & cumin, goat cheese and figs and onions, olive tapenade, Porcini mushrooms to name a few.  

And who better to discuss the lesser-known French treat than Moroccan-Canadian Kaoutsar “Katsy” Entifi from RepChampion Canada. Katsy imports only the most delicious, difficult-to-acquire goods from France Originelle, and is making the Greater Toronto Area the latest new home for savoury macarons.

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill macarons. France Originelle’s goods are hand-made in France and are only made using the highest quality, freshest ingredients. You can taste the French pride in these macarons, and it’s no wonder why they’re used in many of France’s most prestigious sporting events. Their gourmet savoury macarons have even won Le Trophée de la Gastronomy, one of France’s highest distinctions.

We explore the pairing of wine with the macarons and more. What a unique and interesting spin! These macarons are available to purchase on line and make a beautiful gift too.



  And what about the food!!! Our go-to chef for tips for unique and delish dishes.. the winner of CHOPPED Canada on Food Network Canada JohnRoss Woodland. He will be joining us and Chef JohnRoss is the chef and co owner at Noble Bistro located in beautiful downtown Oakville for chef inspired farm to table inspired cuisine.

SAVE THE DATE... WINEMAKER'S DINNER FEB 22, 2017. Stay tuned for details!




We are excited the holidays are finally here and we know what that means, lots of turkey for one thing for many, family get togethers, parties, lots of glam and glitter and very importantly, lets not forget about a little bubbly and the wine!

On this week's radio show... Best wines for turkey and to pair with your Christmas dinner!


EPISODE WL 12-06-2016








We decided to focus on Sherry as our fortified wine today, and we’re excited about that because sometimes this complex, delicious fortified wine is misunderstood and/or underappreciated! So joining us here today, in our first segment, to help us all become Sherry Savvy, is the winemaker for one of the most established, historical and largely awarded Sherry producers, Paola Medina of Bodegas Williams & Humbert.

Listen to Paola Medina at 5:24 minutes into the show.



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