Thursday May 21st is International Chardonnay Day!

Listen to Marty Werner at 27:41 minutes into the show.

Join Chardonnay lovers,producers & winemakers from around the world by tweeting your favourite pictures of Chardonnay wine,vineyards,culinary experiences and events. #i4C15 #ChardDay

 Joining us on the radio show Monday May 18th, 2015 at 10:00am will be the winemaker over at Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery Martin Werner.Martin will fill us in on his personal style when it comes to this grape he’ll tell us about how Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery will be celebrating International Chardonnay Day. Martin will also as a further testament to the magnitude and diversity of this varietal will talk a little about the annual event i4C, which stands for International Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration,now in its 5th year where over 135 wineries from 36 cool climates around the globe have participated since 2011, and over 550 chardonnays have been poured….… now does this grape carry weight or what?


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To our own backyard, we venture to the stunning wine region Niagara on the Lake, to the sub appellation,St. Davids Bench and to the unique 34 acre organic winery, steeped in tradition, in the family since 1867, their wines;refined and define elegance ….Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery.


Celebrate International Chardonnay Day May 21st and all weekend long at at Ravine Vineyard and Estate Winery.
On this week's show...I am Chardonnay and my day is International Chardonnay Day coming up May 21st.Episode (WL-05-17-2015)

Our subject,narrow, yet very broad, global in scope of importance to many many wine makers, and certainly wine lovers,and drinkers alike…around the world……we will be dedicating this show and honoring one of the most popular and prolifically grown white, wine grape varietals!

Here is a description of the varietal. Can you guess?

I am a white grape, of noble heritage of the species vitis vinifera.
I am planted in over 400,000 acres worldwide.
I can be made in many styles.
I am NOT finicky.
I have a club named after me…the ABC Club.
There are also numerous spas using me as their namesake, and even baby girls are being named after me.
I am so special that I have a special day that has been named in my honor, on which 1000’s of people around the world celebrate my heritage, what I am and the kind of wines I can make.

I am Chardonnay and my day is International Chardonnay Day coming up May 21st, hence our dedication to this illustrious grape here today!



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Continuing along “what’s special to put in your glass”, why not think and drink Port? This delectable, world famous fortified wine from the Douro region of Portugal was officially created in 1675 and enjoys quite a history. We’ll learn all about that and one particular 9th generation Port producer Senhora do Convento when we welcomed Victoria Gilbert, Marketing Director of Artemis Productions and for Senhora do Convento.

Listen to Victoria Gilbert at 25.25 minutes into the show.

Are you a RUBY?
Sexy, Outgoing, Passionate, Risk Taker
Are you a TAWNY?
Mysterious, Bold, Adventurous, Confident


SDC Ruby $16.95 per bottle

SDC Tawny Port $16.95 per bottle


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On this week's show...Drink New Zealand and think the "King of Sauvignon Blanc",sustainability and the meteoric rise in popularity!

We explore a youthful wine region that has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity, is recognized the world over for its commitment to the environment and sustainability…is widely recognized as the “King of Sauvignon Blanc” which has become synonymous with this region,and has recently been awarded its very own Pinot Noir glass for one of its regions by the preeminent 11th generation Austrian glass maker Riedel. We can only be talking about one country and that is New Zealand!


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Join us May 13th for "An Evening with Luca Speri". Spectacular cuisine, incredible wines and an amazing night at the fabulous Alioli Ristorante  in Mississauga,Ontario, this month's pick for our Fabulous Finds For Foodies.

On this week's radio show... A taste of Italy...Amarone,Grappa and Italian cuisine.


We’ve got a little international flair…with calls coming in all the way from our featured country, that is Italy… our focus today  … a stunning wine region, known for an iconic and unique wine, plus for being home to a very historical and romantic city.


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This week's episode....Episode #21  (WL-04-25-2015)

A taste of Italy...Amarone,Grappa and Italian cuisine.

The wine we’re talking about hails from the northeastern wine region of Veneto, and this specialty wine, world renown is rich, robust, complex, amazingly delicious… any ideas?It is Amarone della Valpolicella and our first guest, who will be calling in from Veneto.Luca Speri of Speri Viticoltori, a historical wine producing family, in the region of Valpolicella for seven generations.

Undisputedly symbolic of the Speri company, the Amarone Monte Sant’Urbano is a superb example of a fine, classic wine. It is an extraordinary wine with great complexity and a vigorous structure which has always been top for its elegance and quality. To purchase

Listen to Luca Speri at 6:57 minutes into the show

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On today’s show our focus will be Mexico as a tribute to Mexico’s national holiday “Cinco de Mayo” which is just around the corner, about to celebrate its 153rd anniversary. The 5th of May is a very special day for Mexico, Its a great tale of battle and of triumph, and is commemorated not only in Mexico but many other places around the world with events, food, drink,parades and much more
So… to Mexico! And to start things off get ready for a little history, perhaps a little mystery, and then  a move to the present day, and of much that this fabulous country has to offer.

Listen to our 1st guest Diego Espinosa from the Consul General of Mexico at 6:50 minutes into the show.


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This week's episode....Episode #20  (WL-04-12-2015)

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo May 5th,2015

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