With our topic “what’s in your glass this holiday season?", we are excited to share with you all, a line of drinks that offer an alternative for either the designated driver, or perhaps someone who enjoys a great party but prefers a non alcoholic beverage. There’s a whole array of reasons why one might opt for a non alcoholic drink and today we’ve got a very special line of drinks to introduce you to called MADD Virgin Drinks



So we’ll be welcoming the Founder and COO of MADD Virgin Drinks, Glenn Broadley, on the right hand side, to the show, we’ll chat with Glenn about the genesis of this line, the products and the concept of the ‘camouflage drinker” interesting info ahead, along with great tasting drinks….

Listen to Glenn Broadley at 20:25 minutes into the show.






Beringer Vineyards named one of the most beautiful European-style wineries in Napa Valley, California.



In our first segment from an iconic winery, rich in history, absolutely stunning and record breaking of which The Wine Advocate Robert Parker had this to say...
“After Years of visiting the world's best wine producers, I cannot think of too many cellars where I have walked out shaking my head at such an extraordinary range of quality”. 


Today we are so pleased to welcome,the 4th generation winemaker of the historic wine family and wine producer located in Napa Valley, recognized as one of the finest wineries around the world, it is,among the most awarded and it is Beringer Vineyards, and our guest, coming up first is Chief Winemaker Mark Beringer,

Listen to Mark Beringer at 7:52 minutes in the show 

 Beringer's historic wine caves. Tours available.


The winery’s name translates literally to “one who casts out the devils”.



Episode WL10-12-2015

So from the northeast region of Veneto we will move to central Italy and to the region of Umbria, considered “the green heart of Italy” the only region in Italy that doesn’t border either a sea or another country. We will introduce you to a winery, located in Umbria, who has a fascinating origin and history, producing wines scoring north of 90, the winery’s name translates literally to “one who casts out the devils”, the winery is Cantina Scacciadiavoli. We’ll welcome Liu Pambuffetti calling in from the winery to fill us in on this devilishly delicious and historical wine producer.

Listen to Liu Pambuffetti at 23:35 minutes into the show






Vintages Main Release Oct. 31, 2015 LCBO #427591, Retail: $14.95

Grechetto of Umbria is a dry wine that presents a range of vivacious scents, both in the aroma and the taste.
Sweet fruit, white and yellow flowers, with a fresh acidity keep the wine alive and persistent.
This native Umbrian varietal is vinified in the Scacciadiavoli.
At the right temperature it is the perfect accompaniment during hot summer days, as well as all year long with soups and pastas, or light main courses.

Wines imported via Lamprecht International Ltd.

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 To get things started we are going to kick off the show with a little bubbly and this is no ordinary bubbly, this Prosecco from Veneto of course, hails from the DOCG region of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene. It is  made from the finest premium grapes and is produced by the long established award winning house of Andrea Da Ponte, founded in 1892.

Christian Kokkinomagoulos, in sales and marketing for Andrea Da Ponte calls in from Veneto to fill us in on this delectable Prosecco.
And from there,this dynasty of a company Andrea Da Ponte Distillery, actually started out over 120 years ago as a distillery. Brothers Andrea and Matteo, were so dedicated to the art and science of producing the finest distillate, that they wrote and published the first printed manual ever on the subject. Historical figures, now producing among the finest grappa in the world…Christian to fill us in on the Andrea Da Ponte grappas, what makes them so unique and outstanding!

Listen to Christian Kokkinomagoulos at 7:00 minutes into the show.
Recently at our fundraiser for Dancing with Mississauga Stars at Parsons Interiors. Thank-you to Elizabeth Wright owner of  Cottonwood Wine Agency for her support and pouring of premium Don Giovanni Da Ponte Prosecco and Andrea Da Ponte Grappa.

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