TUNE IN MARCH, 8th, 2016

We have come a long way baby in the wine industry and beyond. Let's celebrate how far we have come! Scene from the film Suffragette starring Meryl Streep.



Carolyn  has many exciting tales to tell of her time in Kensington Palace and will share some of her special recipes suited for special occasions available in her new cookbook,THE ROYAL TOUCH; Simply Stunning Home Cooking From a Royal Chef.

A woman of so many accomplishments, she is also a triathlon athlete, single mom,  and more, Carolyn personifies International Woman’s Day.

Listen to Carolyn Robb at 6:30 minutes into the show.


Next we will welcome from a business that has traditionally been male dominated,  a pioneer in this field, she has definitely helped pave the way for her fellow female colleagues. We are talking about the role of head winemaker for one of the most prominent and historic wineries in the wine growing country of Chile, an award winning winemaker, she is Cecilia Torres Salinas of Vina Santa Rita.

Listen to Cecilia Torres Salinas at 17:20 minutes into the show.


And then to close the show, we will welcome Allison Modesto, Brand Manager for one of the most successful wine brands to hit our market, targeted to none other than us ladies!
The wines are Girls Night Out, knocking it out of the ball park, produced locally here in the Lake Erie North Shore wine region, Allison will share with us the philosophy behind the brand, and what GNO is up to with respect to helping women advance in the wine business.

Listen to Allison Modesto at 33:60 minutes into the show.


We attended an outstanding event, The Dinner Party, a few days before the official International Woman's Day, a fundraiser for SAVIS and CSAW. The main speaker of the evening was Sally Armstrong, the acclaimed reporter and columnist who delivered a powerful, profound speech about the status of women around the world.
She has written a book Ascent By Women. 

Sally Armstrong spoke about about women's issues in Afghanistan, a rape case brought by 160 young girls in Kenya and the need for personal willpower for change. Over 900 attendees at #thedinnerpartyiwd 

Although much progress has been made in the world, we still have along way to go baby!

Happy International Woman's Day everyone!



STAY TUNED FEB 5th for the radio show! What is your Chinese Zodiac ? Will this year bring you wealth, health and love?

Yes, the Chinese New year is just around the corner, it is celebrated on February 8th…and so we thought it would be fun and really interesting to do a show on the celebration of the holiday and also explore a little about the Chinese culture, cuisine and wine . 

Pillitteri Estates Winery Icewine the perfect pairing for celebrating!


 It just so happens that one of the most coveted and prestigious beverages enjoyed on this holiday and other days throughout the year in China happens to be Canadian!
Often referred to as liquid gold, it is our iconic Icewine! And Pillitteri Estates Winery is one of the most prestigious and largest producers and exporters of Icewine to China, so naturally we spoke with them all about it. 



We invited Charlie Pillitteri, CEO and President of Pillitteri Estates Winery located in NOTL to join us, Pillitteri is the largest producer of estate Icewine in the world and the largest exporter of Icewine to China in the world… he’s has a fascinating story to tell, so Charlie will join us as our first guest.


Other radio guests include John Gao and Franklin Feng of Pillitteri Estates Winery and Schelling Yeh of the Great Mountain Ginseng Company.

Click here to find your Chinese Zodiac sign and fortune for 2016.


With our topic “what’s in your glass this holiday season?", we are excited to share with you all, a line of drinks that offer an alternative for either the designated driver, or perhaps someone who enjoys a great party but prefers a non alcoholic beverage. There’s a whole array of reasons why one might opt for a non alcoholic drink and today we’ve got a very special line of drinks to introduce you to called MADD Virgin Drinks



So we’ll be welcoming the Founder and COO of MADD Virgin Drinks, Glenn Broadley, on the right hand side, to the show, we’ll chat with Glenn about the genesis of this line, the products and the concept of the ‘camouflage drinker” interesting info ahead, along with great tasting drinks….

Listen to Glenn Broadley at 20:25 minutes into the show.






Beringer Vineyards named one of the most beautiful European-style wineries in Napa Valley, California.



In our first segment from an iconic winery, rich in history, absolutely stunning and record breaking of which The Wine Advocate Robert Parker had this to say...
“After Years of visiting the world's best wine producers, I cannot think of too many cellars where I have walked out shaking my head at such an extraordinary range of quality”. 


Today we are so pleased to welcome,the 4th generation winemaker of the historic wine family and wine producer located in Napa Valley, recognized as one of the finest wineries around the world, it is,among the most awarded and it is Beringer Vineyards, and our guest, coming up first is Chief Winemaker Mark Beringer,

Listen to Mark Beringer at 7:52 minutes in the show 

 Beringer's historic wine caves. Tours available.


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