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Happy Easter Everyone! Watch the episode here!

As we know Easter is a time when family and friends get together usually surrounded with some wonderful dishes, and in many cases delicious wines of course.We thought we’d share with everyone a couple of wonderful dishes, our second office...from our office away from the office home Wholefoods Market in Oakville.... always freshest, organic foods, delicious recipes... thank you to France, Chef Ron and the whole crew! Our Good Friday or Sunday Easter brunch to include a Citrus Glazed Salmon with Fresh Herbs, Lamb Shepards Pie topped with mashed potatoes, a selection of cheese and a choice of Vanilla or Chocolate Bunny cakes! What a cornucopia of delicious treats.

With these plates we’ve selected a range of wines, from $12.00 to $20.00, nothing here is over the $20.00 mark, all super value wines, versatile and with an international flair!


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Discover the joy of bubbly... budget bubbly too! Make your Valentine’s Day sparkle.

Georgia and Susanne enjoy an IceHouse Sparkling Slushie with Cityline TV host Tracy Moore


A very big thank-you to Canadian designer Ross Mayer for dressing us and making us look our very best!

Watch the episode here.

Ahhh... the secrets of bubbly from around the world! From Champagne to Cava to Sekt and Prosecco, the gentle mousse of these wines titillate the palate and tickle the nose! The flavours range from toasty biscuit and almond to zesty citrus and luxurious peach! Learn the story of the vessel from which you sip, including the coupe, the flute and the tulip! Finally a few favourites for you and your Valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Sparkling wines are made all over the world, but not all created equal! Rules, rules and more rules! A matter of geography, a mattter of method, of grapes and of taste!  Lets unveil the sleuth in us and uncover bubbly, from fizzante to sparkling to Champagne!

Indeed we cannot group all bubbly into one big bubble! Sparkling wines go by differnet names depending on their origin, how they are made, and which varietals that use to make it.

Meanwhile before the show.....

Champagne, for instance can only be called champagne if it is made in the Champagne region located in the north-east of France, a mere hour away from “gay Paris”.

The methodolgy (Methode Traditionnelle) is meticulous, costly and time consuming. The secondary fermentation, responsible for the bubbles... must take place in the bottle, after a still wine has been embellished with a touch of sugar/syrup and/or water and yeast. It is then capped with what looks like a coca cola cap. The fermenation begins and millions and millions of tiny bubbles will be the end result when it is finally time to pop the cork. Scientists with lots of time on their hands have counted... or estimated  approximately 49 million bubbles! Vintage Champagne has to be aged for 36 months in the bottle requiring much patience and euros. The aromas and flavours of Champagne are seductive, characterized by a variety of distinctive toastiness, citrus, bisquit and brioche, with notes of almond and the elegant lively mousse. Simply devine!


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The Wine Ladies WIN Entrepreneur of the Year! 17th annual Oakville Awards For Business Excellence.



About a month ago, one of my best friends Linda (Susanne speaking here) was on a business trip headed to Vancouver. She had the good fortune of sitting beside the Editor In Chief of The Canadian Business Journal, the dynamic, charming and intelligent Sara Kopamees. With over 5 hours to kill, the conversation turned to who you know, what you do etc. And lo and behold my loyal friend Linda spilled the beans! Intrigued by our entrepreneurial story, Sara contacted us and invited us to be featured in the April 2009 edition of The Canadian Business Journal. We always wanted an opportunity to tell our entrepreneurial "The Wine Ladies "story and now you can read all about it here in a joint story written by Sara and George Media Associate Editor Jen Sorlie. How our adventure began, what Georgia likes, Susanne's pet peeves, our philosophy on The Wine Ladies brand and our mega plans for the future! Please read here for all the details.

CBJ Onsite: We Salute da Vinci with The Wine Ladies

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The magazine also features articles and columns from Canadian writers focused on all aspects of the Canadian business landscape, from environmental to legal to safety issues. Through the CBJ, readers are able to access illuminating interviews with key public figures and regulatory bodies. The magazine also covers high-profile industry events and snapshots into business life in the special "CBJ Onsite" section.

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Premier Brad Wall - Doing right by Saskatchewan

SIGA: Profits for People, Gaming for Good

Canadian Finance with Linda Leatherdale

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Does the glass really matter?
Absolutely! Good wine tastes better out of the right glasses. Really.Believe it or not, the taste of wine changes when you drink wine out of different glasses.The Wine Ladies joined Steven and Chris on their TV show and explained the basics odf selecting the right glass for your wine.
The Wine Ladies, Georgia and Susanne. 
Sisters, business partners, national newspaper columnists, TV personalities and radio
hosts,these ladies share their passion for wine, food and living to the fullest and
without hesitation. Their motto, "everything in life somehow comes back to the vine," keeps audiences entertained and informed. Join the ladies live on the air every Saturday morning at 10 a.m. on CP 24 Radio 1050 or on line at as they host special guests from all walks of life on their weekly wine and lifestyle radio show.From
chefs, winemakers and sommeliers to artists, musicians, politicians and athletes, Georgia and Susanne have a talent for discussion that's always fun and enthusiastic.


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