Next excursion, swimming... never mind dolphins, we got sea turtles!

Barbados is home to many a Hawksbill and Leatherback ready to share the sea! Although turtles until recently were an endangered species thanks to the great efforts of groups such as The Barbados Sea Turtle Project these wondrous mammals are back on track. Saint Peter's Bay Resorts and Residences is very proud of their commitment to the turtles and is an important part of the resort. Here at the property the green turtles actually lay their eggs on our beach, a sight to behold, hundreds all at once! How beautiful is nature? Guests are also invited to join a guide and watch the baby turtles as they make their first steps and make their way to the sea. An incredible experience for children and adults alike!

Heading out to sea our captain assures us swimming with the turtles will be a thrill of a lifetime, as the Hawksbill turtles are not shy and we will soon be rubbing shoulders with these amazing creatures. The turtle's evolutionary roots trace back more than 100 million years! And not too many species can make that declaration! In a word, the experience was exhilarating!


Sea Turtle release at Saint Peter's Bay Resorts and Residences.




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