And finally to close off the show. Let's talk about what is trending? Now is this for HIM or for HER??? Gifts, Goods, and Grooming for Gents…close shaves, short sides and back cuts for all ages, So cool, so sexy no matter the age! Packing the bodies in for a variety of shaves and cuts, the old fashioned barber shop is back!!! At Cabin, located in Mississauga, we will welcome founder and operator Louis Manzo to fill us in. What an awesome gift for your guy and for you!

Listen to Louis Manzo at 1 hour into the show.

Episode WL 02-09-2017



Something trending big these days are the old fashioned barbershops. Take a look around, they’re popping up everywhere.In the old days A place where the guys used to go for a hot towel shave, a beard trim and a hair cut… but even more it was a place for them to gather, feel comfortable and share a little camaraderie, maybe have a coffee.  



While men were going to women's salons, Manzo wanted to create "a social aspect around grooming and accessories that guys would like, private clubs exist but nothing at a pedestrian level", explains Manzo.



Awesome gift ideas for the man in your life!

if you’re looking for something unique and cool for your guy, there are so many unique things to buy. Lots of Canadian brands too...Hand blown whiskey tumblers, luxurious Merino Wool throw hand woven by group of Grannys in New Brunswick,mens jewellery,cool work accessories, bowties, socks, underwear, hats, winter accessories and more.

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