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It keeps your chilled whites at perfect drinking temperatures. It keeps your lighter chilled reds at perfect drinking temperatures. And it even brings those heavier room temperature reds down to more suitable drinking.

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No fuss, holiday shopping made easy, awesome wine and food accessories available at every price point, delivered straight to your door.

We customize your order, we ship anywhere in the USA and Canada.

Choose from an array of award winning gift ideas, gadgets and wine accessories.

We’ve got your holiday gift giving covered, something for everyone.

The Wine Ladies online store is exciting, affordable and makes your shopping as easy as 1-2-3!


Happy Holidays everyone!

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We thought we would have some fun and show you our BLOOPER VIDEO! ENJOY!





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Nothing says celebration like a little bubbly. So from Champagne, to Cava, Prosecco or Sparkling wine, bubbly served in a tall flute says the occasion is a special one. Why not ratchet it up a notch or two by opening your sparkling wine with flare befitting of the fabulous occasion. Now you too can practise the art of Sabrage,  a technique for opening a Champagne  bottle with a saber used for ceremonial occasions.

We offer a complete line of sabers through The Wine Ladies on line store. Check here for details!

A little history....
In times of triumph French officers under Louis XIV, and later, Napoleon's gallant soldiers - the Hussars -opened Champagne with a strong blow from their swords. Napoleon is known to have said, "Champagne! In victory one deserves it; in defeat one needs it."

Another says Mme.Clicquot  (the widow Clicquot), in order to have her land protected, was giving Napoleon's officers Champagne and glasses.  Being on their horses, they couldn't hold the glass while opening the bottle.  Consequently, they threw the glasses away, and took out their sabers, beheaded the bottles and drank directly from the bottle.

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Spice up your kitchen with Legnoart’s Spicy line of kitchen accessories! This contemporary line of fine Italian accessories is the epitome of sleek sophistication.

Now available on The Wine Ladies on line store.

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Generate repeat business, and acquire new customers with our solution to client gifts, unique and tailor made, that save you time, money AND leaves a lasting impression.

"Thanks to my agent who worked tirelessly to help me find the perfect house to my make my home. I was thrilled to find when I came into my new kitchen a beautifully wrapped gift bag, with an exclusive bottle of wine, a wine chiller and a block of premium chocolate. It was classy and unexpected, I would definitely recommend her to my friends".

The power of word of mouth, of referrals is a reality in this competitive world...

If you are looking for something special to show your appreciation to employees and/or clients, why not offer something unique, a real treat for all the senses, packaged beautifully, and tailored to your budget. We can also arrange for delivery. No fuss, it's all on us, as Easy as 1-2-3! Check out our video for some unique ideas.

We have an extensive portfolio of exclusive wines from around the world suitable for any budget for you to choose from. We include a brief description of the wine as well as suggested food pairings. We also have an array of accessories to choose from, both  food and wine, including unique corkscrews, glassware, cheese knives or sets, coffee and chocolate. We can tailor your gift to your client's tastes. Visit our on-line store for all your gift giving needs. If you don't see what you are looking for, please let us know, as we are adding new products daily. Call us at 905-338-6797 with any questions.

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