TUNE IN Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

Francis Ford Coppola, 5 time Oscar winning director, producer of epics films, Godfather and Apocalpyse Now, with his own namesake winery, Francis Ford Coppola.




Kicking off the show we talk with with Lise Asimont, Director of Grower Relations

(on the left) over at Francis Ford Coppola winery. She will give us the scoop  on the winery and the famous director himself.

Listen to Lise Asimont at 6:12 minutes into the show. 


Francis Ford Coppola Winery an oasis to visit for all ages.From the wine experience of over 40 wines made on-site at the state of the art winery, to delicious dining at RUSTIC restaurant serving Francis's favourite recipes featuring on site organic herbs and produce, to relaxing by the 3600 sq foot swimming pool and park area and movie gallery of course featuring memorabilia from 50 years of film making.



Francis Ford Coppola Wines distributed by Noble Estates Wines & Spirits


  Born from a celebration of love, Sofia wines began as a gift from a father to his daughter. The sparkling wine, as bright and effervescent as the woman who inspired it, the charming and stylish Sofia Rosé, along with the alluring Riesling, are a tribute to the romantic, ebullient spirit of women everywhere.

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