Susanne chases down some Rock Hens at Weston Farms.

The Wine Ladies TV and most coveted delicacy black truffles or "black diamonds" as they are called are paired up with Rock Hen eggs from Weston Farms in Toronto. Adam Angilletta owner of Weston Farms and of Sulpizio Tartufi, manufacturer and importer  of exclusive  range of black and white truffle products shares his expertise and his fresh picked eggs.

Adam Angilletta shares his love of all things truffle with The Wine Ladies.

Paired to perfection with award winning Huff Estates Winery  2007 VQA PEC Cuvee Peter E. Huff sparkling from Prince Edward County.

Next stop Mistura Restaurant and Celebrity Chef Massimo Capra to create a couple of magnificent dishes with a touch of black diamonds... or black truffles. Hmm hmm delish! The Wine Ladies discover Truffle Popcorn and sparkling wine makes a superb treat too!

Adam's Truffle Popcorn

Use the white truffle oil to pop the corn, then drizzle it with truffle butter and top off with the black truffle salt! delicious!

True Truffle Popcorn perfection! Everything you need!

About Sulpizio Tartufi



Today’s show is all about exploring the world of chocolate and chocolate and wine! The allure of the cocoa bean, the history of chocolate, and we’re even going to make our very own homemade truffles here today in the studio! We welcome to the show a chocolatier,who grew up tasting chocolates from around the world, Now the founder of his own company spreading his passion and the joy of chocolate with hands on workshops... “We can all be master truffle makers”, says David Levy, Founder and owner of Chocolate Tales.

Watch the Episode here

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Wine and Cheese can be a little bit like been-there, ate-that!  But an assortment of sweet and savoury cookies to pair with red, white or sparkling wine? That works!

New to The Wine Ladies online store! Check out the full offering of Cookies & Corks here!

Cookies & Corks provides a unique tasting experience. Our natural, gourmet, sweet and savory cookies are crafted to pair with wine and contain distinctive ingredients like apricot, sage, dark chocolate, espresso, lemon, and sea salt – all perfect complements to the great wine varietals.

Our custom cookie and wine pairing guide makes selecting the perfect bottle of wine to match a box of our cookies a breeze. Whether given as a gift or used at a party, Cookies & Corks engages everyone as they experiment with different cookie and wine combinations. Nibble, Sip, Savor!

We encourage you to have fun pairing our cookies with your favourite wines, or use one of our pairing recommendations. But no matter how you mix or match. a dynamic combination of flavours show up to delight and entertain you!

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Aruba has become an incredibly desirable destination with so much to offer and to celebrate including an annual Wine, Food and Art Festival, held at The Westin Resort and Casino, Aruba right up our alley!

Our home away from home is the Westin Resort and Casino, well known for their culinary program, with Pago Pago one of their restaurants being awarded the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence.

Here we meet Executive Chef Matt Boland, responsible for all the restaurants and eateries at the Westin Resort and Casino. We quickly are taken with the enthusiasm Matt has for his craft, his mandate here and the island of Aruba captured here in our interview.

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Firing up the grill this weekend? Consider a couple of these red wine palate pleasers for barbeque fare, but remember the most important component of a great barbeque, is who’s at the table.. and then what’s in the glass. Big flavours of barbeque call for “non wimpy wines”, look to wines with bold personalities. Reds should be big, well balanced, smooth with good fruit. Luscious ripe berry flavors and complex spice make for great partners. Shiraz/Syrah, often with silky, smokey tannins and red berry ripe fruit flavors are a natural. Zinfandels can rock too with big fruit, a little more mellow in tannin, young and spicy with lots of black pepper, many great value Zins out there. Wines from the Rhone, slam dunk, and from Spain, Rioja, coming back, this red wine is spicy and fruity with bold fresh flavors, also delish and able to stand up to assertive flavors of the grill. Malbecs from Argentina also offer up big flavors, and great value too. Finally for the “lighter fare” on the plank, salmon, or tuna, grilled veggies or turkey burgers, opt for a Pinot Noir, Beaujolais Villages, or Valpolicella.


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