Always on the look out for something new and exciting, we recently discovered an absolutely decadent, delicious spirit. As lovers of anything having to do with the coco bean, this vodka, the 360 Double Chocolate Vodka produced by McCormick Distilling, “the planets first eco-friendly vodka" is not only delish but there’s a lot going on here to feel good about and are excited to share with you.


McCormick Distilling, producers of 360 Vodka


And once again this year, The Wine Ladies will be hosting several chocolate and beverage tastings at the 5th Annual Luxury Chocolate Show over at Roy Thomson Hall and in preparing for the show we were recently introduced to a couple of really delicious unusual “chocolate infused” beverages which we would love to share with you including a product of a unique chocolate vodka, 360 Double Chocolate Vodka from McCormick Distilling as well as well as a delectable award winning chocolate beer, Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, all paired with one of our faves, BRIX chocolate.

Join us for 3 special Wine, Spirit, Beer and Chocolate seminars Sunday, Nov 8th, 2015 at 1:00pm, 2:30pm & 4:00pm. Get your ticket on site at the show. 




Next, we welcome ow to the show Patrick Fee, Patrick is with McCormick Distilling,he is the Creative and Design Manager, here to tell us all about 360 Double Chocolate Vodka and 360 Vodka the brand.

Listen to Patrick Fee at 23:50 minutes in the show.







Episode WL11-01-2015





And in our final segment, we will be welcoming Whitney Rorison to the show. Whitney is the Hospitality Manager for Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers. This is a small family owned distillery located in NOTL, who chose to be there for its proximity to incredible fresh, local ingredients. Dillon’s uses 100% Niagara grapes for their vodka, they grow their own herbs and botanicals and have won many awards for their range of spirits and bitters. A great story, fabulous products and delicious cocktails.


Listen to Whitney Rorison at 32:32 minutes into the show.




Geoff’s fascination for spirits began early. He was highly influenced by his fathers passion for fine spirits and his worldly spirits and whisky collection.
His distilling journey began at the University of Western Ontario, where he earned honors in a double major in biology and economics. His experience only furthered as he trained abroad (in areas such as Scotland, London UK, and US) while educating himself in the art of distilling.

Eventually, Niagara lured Geoff home as the ideal place to put down some roots. Small-town friendliness, abundant fruit, a close proximity to neighbouring wineries and a well established wine culture — the region was a perfect fit






And finally over to the extraordinary country of Peru, mystical, exciting, exploding on the scene in terms of gastronomy and their “hippest drink of the moment”... Pisco an awesome clear white spirit, an unaged brandy that's been made in Peru for over 400 years.
. Melanie Asher, the founder, proprietor and hand crafted producer of Macchu Pisco, joins us. You are going to love her, she has a great story and a stunning Pisco.

Listen to Melanie Asher at 52:00 minutes into the show



Scotland had Johnnie Walker, the United States had Jim Beam, France had Richard Hennessy and now Peru has Melanie Asher. The 34-year-old has probably done as much in a decade to elevate the profile of Pisco, her native country’s signature spirit, as any booze pioneer did in his time for Scotch, bourbon or Cognac. 

 Melanie Asher the quintessential entrepreneur had a picture of Donald Trump inside her school locker. Handsome David Hasselhoff of the day gets trumped by"The Donald". 

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Nothing says summer like the fresh crisp zesty lemons. Citrus is synonymous with summer and the Italian liqueur Limoncello is the perfect liqueur for all summer entertaining. Limoncello Rossi D’ Asiago is a sweet liqueur obtained only from the finest raw materials, infusion of natural Sicilian lemon peels, without the addition of artificial flavours and colouring.The taste is typical of lemon peels.The taste is clean,crisp, intensely lemony, and just plain brilliant,wow!


Starting off with a call from Italy, and a producer of the sun kissed, citrus delectable liquor, Limoncello, perfect for summer…Nicola Dal Toso from Rossi D’Asiago, the #1 selling Limoncello in English Canada calls in.

Listen to Nicola Dal Toso at 8:00 minutes into the show


Excellent digestive, to be served cold, possibly into a glass which has been pre-chilled in the freezer.


On this week's radio show...Summer cocktails, beers and wines…dish it up! Lindeman's 1000 Moments Of Sunshine. Sip and Sleuth to Win - $100.00 Neal Brothers Foods tote bag filled with goodies and snacks. 

We are well into the throws of summer and we hope you are all enjoying a little summer fun, whether at the cottage, on a beach or maybe on your patio or wherever you are. On today’s show we are going to share with you some spectacular summer drinks, cocktails, wines, super craft beers and snacks to help make your vaca days even that much more delicious!


Episode WL 07-20-2015

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