In anticipation of the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton, we chat with royal mixologist Angus Winchester, having served royalty and created four special cocktails in honour of the wedding with 2 billion expected to watch and enjoy! Based on old British adage, Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, we sampled four delish drinks with one of the world's oldest white spirit and favourite to royalty, GIN.

Check out the recipes for all four drinks here or view video of Angus creating his cocktails here:

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So we discovered on our recent visit to the city of Guadalajara and tour of Mexico's second oldest tequila distillery, founded in 1870 Casa Herradura. From the significance of terroir, to the "art" of harvesting, the relevance of natural yeast and the use of oak barrels, the parallels were great. Just as there is a ritual, if you will, with wine appreciation including nosing, swirling and slurping, so too is there one with this often misunderstood spirit. We learned of other similarities including basic rules of food pairings as well as the importance and impact of practicing organic methods and being 100% natural. Certainly a trend we are seeing today in our world of wine.

We'd like to share a few of our discoveries starting off with the appellation system or regulations pertaining to "place"

Just as our wineries must follow the regulations of our VQA, so must tequila producers follow rules set out by their governing body the CRT or Tequila Regulatory Council? Origin of the grapes, specificity of, and minimal natural sugar levels of grapes at harvest are dictated by VQA as are the origin of the agave plant for tequila, (predominantly produced in the state of Jalisco, however permissible in five regions including areas in four other states) the type of agave, it must be blue and the ripeness of the plant at harvest. As with wine, the relevance of terroir is key with a variety of soils and altitudes ranging from 6600 feet above sea level producing fruity, citrusy and floral notes while lowland, closer to the sea agave offering peppery spicy notes.

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Engage all your senses.
Tag No.5 is it! Sweet corn based premium vodka with delectable treats!

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It's not about drinking more, it's about drinking better, announced Dimi Lezinska, Grey Goose Global Ambassador.
Grey Goose vodka is considered the world's favourite luxury vodka. Made in Cognac, France it is often the choice of vodka aficionados, the who's who and celebrities of the world. Just back from Cannes, France, Dimi was here in Toronto as part of his cross-Canada tour bringing knowledge of this summer's hottest cocktail trends and tips. We were invited to a private tasting at Celebrity TV Chef Roger Mooking's Kultura Restaurant www.kulturarestaurant.com Friday afternoon to enjoy Dimi's latest cocktail creations for the summer made with GREY GOOSE

The Wine Ladies explore great Halloween-inspired cocktails with Mad Mixologist Dean Serneels and Armando Russo of Tappo Restaurant and Wine Bar

Having enjoyed a fantastic Halloween the night before, the theme continued the next day on the radio show as the topic of the morning was all about Spirits! However we weren't really talking about the spirit world but in fact a spirited discussion was held that day all about the spirit, Whiskey!

Dean Serneels otherwise known as the "Mad Mixologist" was in studio and brought along a ghost and a goblin of his own, his son Ryan and daughter Megan. Much too their delight they put on the official headsets and microphones and enjoyed the experience of being live on the air. Also in studio was Armando Russo proprietor of the fabulous Tappo Restaurant & Wine Bar located in the historic Distillery District in Toronto. On the phone all the way from Vancouver was John Malloy, the Jameson Brand Ambassador who got up extra early to call in to the radio show to talk about his passion whiskey!

Several weeks earlier Tappo Restaurant & Wine Bar hosted the Jameson Whiskey tasting and served delightful appetizers that matched perfectly with the whiskey. Armando explained that smoky style food like Salmon is an excellent match for whiskey. Armando Russo and Shane Corson (formerly a power forward with the Leafs) are partners and make sure there is always a constant with the food, wine and design and all are thoughtfully presented.

We are proud to say that this restaurant is one our personally selected The Wine Ladies Romantic Dinner for Two Experiences. You can buy the gift card directly at any Shoppers Drug Mart in Ontario or check out our offers online

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