So we are saluting all the Dads out there Father’s Day which is just around the corner and we’ve got another one of Dad’s all time favourites,a spirit with a long history dating back to the 15th century, a drink that many fathers have enjoyed over the years with more and more enjoying it and that is a glass of fine Scotch Whisky.


Our next guest is the Global Brand Ambassador Hamish Torrie for the Ultimate Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Ardbeg, founded in 1815 celebrating 200 years of Ardbeg,… which has been described as  “unquestionably the greatest distillery on earth.”

Listen to Hamish Torrie  at 35:49 minutes into the show


Ardbeg distributed in Canada by Charton Hobbs



On this week's radio show...Happy Father's Day

Calling all Dads out there.This show is for you! We have you covered  for your special day Fathers Day!

Coming up we’re going to talk about what might be some of your favorite things…like lip smacking delicious, bold burgers or crunchy flavor filled spicy homemade tacos or to quench your thirst how about a small batch craft beer chock full of flavor,no additives,all natural, just 100% pure delicious.
Or straight from the small, rugged and remote Scottish island of Islay comes the authentic premium single malt Scotch whisky,a wee dram for you lads perhaps?

 And for the fine wine, food and film buff we bring you the 2nd annual Niagara Integrated Film Festival, taking place on Father’s Day weekend where you can choose from a plethora of wine tasting dinners, movie premiers, short film screenings, and much more!

And finally the tables are turned on The Wine Ladies when we are interviewed by Laura Wolfe a student who is studying the art of social media and blogging. We give her our thoughts on social media!

Alright so its time now to salute all the Dads out there, Happy Father’s Day, lets start!!!

Listen to this episode WL 06-15-2015


 Did you say lime?We love anything lime! Especially when paired in a cocktail with an ultra premium Tequila like Patron!


Which brings us to our guest…who will give us the scoop, talk about the  myths and the truths on Mexico’s national spirit, one of the fastest growing spirits in North America the Director of Brand Education,for Patron Tequila, the number one ultra premium tequila in the world, Chris Spake will join us.

Listen to Chris Spake at 30:35 minutes into the show.


BRAND NEW SHOWS every Monday at 10:00 am and Wednesday at 2:00 pm or listen ON DEMAND on line anytime.

This week's episode....Episode #20  (WL-04-12-2015)

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo May 5th,2015


 View Patrón Reposado recipes

LCBO#: 50088 $89.95 per 750 mL bottle


View Silver Patrón recipes


View Anejo Patrón recipes.

LCBO#: 34603 $99.95 per 750 mL bottle


View Patrón Citronage Recipes

LCBO#: 220707 $33.10 per 750 mL bottle




Georgia and Susanne choose Pisco to create their own special cocktails at Pisco Bar in Lima, Peru.

Pisco es Peru... as is world class gastronomy, spectacular landscape, incredible people and of course Machu Picchu!

In a word, our adventure to Peru, a world of hidden treasures was magical. 

Our mandate as we landed on Peruvian soil, in the capital city of Lima, located in  a desert, surounded by surreal spances of sand dunes was to discover the "Pisco Trail". Pisco, you see is the name of Peru's national drink, a grape spirit, a wonderful elixir that is made with grapes from vast, green vineyards that flourish in the heart of the arid deserts of Peru. Our exploration of this traditional spirit that dates back hundreds of years was a delectable journey of a drink of equisite qualities. There is a story to Pisco, we enjoy the unravelling of its secrets and  its mysteries as shared with us by the proprietors of several Bodegas.  Be sure to ask for Pisco on your next evening out, as Pisco is the new rising star at the bar!

Pisco is Peru - The Wine Ladies TV Part 1

Pisco is Peru - The Wine Ladies TV Part 2

Pisco is Peru - The Wine Ladies TV Part 3

Read more: Our adventure to Peru, a world of hidden treasures. Truly magical!

The mighty THOR, considered the most renowned of all the Norse gods as a powerful and brooding warrior, has inspired the release of the Single Malt Scotch THOR, the first of the Valhalla Collection. Georgia tries her best to simulate a Norse warrior... how scary is that? The scotch and the 5 course meal was stupendous at the Highland Park THOR Launch & Spirited Dinner at Colborne Lane.

Read more: Highland Park THOR God of Thunder hammers home a stunning Scotch Whisky launch at Colborne Lane

Mount Gay Rum, the oldest rum distillery in the Caribbean caresses the palate with it's 1703 Old Cask Selection!

Chesterfield Browne Mont Gay Rum

Mount Gay Rum Mixologist Chesterfield Browne at Dominion on Queen in Toronto - November 9th - sharing his knowledge and recipes.

Celebrated and award winning mixologist, Barbados' cocktail  expert and International Ambassador for the Caribbean's oldest rum distillery dazzles us with charisma, his expertise and his unbelievable rum!  Chesterfield Browne,  International Ambassador for Mount Gay Rum founded in 1703, considered the rum that invented rum, leads us through a tasting of Mount Gay's ultra premium rums, first the Mount Gay Extra Old, followed by the sublime 1703 Old Cask. Enjoy Chester's  passionate delivery on the Abc's of rum making, what makes Mount Gay unique and his creativity and finesse in showcasing classic cocktails with a twist!

Read more: Happy National Rum Day Aug 16th, 2013

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