We’ll top off the show as promised chatting about  another one of our Canadian favorites, a must have for any Canada Day celebration, a delicious refreshing cool glass of local beer, chock full of flavor and all natural!



We welcome back the founder of Highlander Brew Company Dwayne Wanner a he shares his faves for Canada Day.

Listen to Dwayne Wanner at 53:49 minutes into the show!


Episode WL 06-22-2015

Happy Canada Day! Introducing our new weekly radio segment SIP and SLEUTH To Win!

We have a super show lined up for you today, with Canada Day around the corner and a fabulous lineup of guests,all connected in someway to our fabulous country celebrating its 138th birthday. PLUS we are also really excited about introducing a brand new segment to our show SIP and SLEUTH To Win!!! Click here to enter and win a Himalayan Salt Stone Set with Tray valued at $99.99.





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