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Dear The Wine Ladies,

We have been invited to my month-in-laws for Thanksgiving dinner, and I would like to surprise her with a decanter as a gift. She is just getting into wine and I thought she might enjoy this surprise instead of flowers or chocolates.

Would I be able to find one that would fall into my limited budget of around $35-$50? I'd like to share a few words of wisdom with my gift as well, if you wouldn't mind offering a few tips it would be greatly appreciated.

Should all red wines be decanted and what are the main reasons for decanting?


New York, New York

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Dear Wine Ladies,

At a recent dinner party I attended the hostess noticed a small amount of sediment that looked like tiny pieces of glass at the bottom of a bottle of white wine from Germany. I was a little hesitant to drink the wine but one of the guests assured us the wine was fine and there was no cause to worry. What were those little pebble-like stones and are they really harmless?

Karen, New York

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 Dear Wine Ladies,

We'll be welcoming a gruesome crowd for our first Halloween party at our new condo acquired just last month. A range of wines, always our first beverage of choice, will be served but we wondered if you knew of any cocktails or drinks that are made with wine, preferably red, and/or if you know of any Halloween themed wine labels out there?


Toronto, Ontario

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Dear Wine Ladies,

I was thinking of bringing a Vidal icewine to mark the occasion of a friend’s first movie role but then learned there are also sparkling icewines. What are they like and would this be an appropriate wine to bring? Are they served chilled like a regular white wine?


Whitby, Ontario

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Well it's been an unbelievable year, 2013 has, with a few challenges yes, but with many jubilations too. We've so enjoyed connecting with all of our TV show guests, our fans, listeners and readers, and fellow wine lovers and look forward to an even better 2014!

With the clock ticking we've finally penned our Top Ten New Year's Resolutions that we'd love to share, and hope to hear back with some of yours!

A toast to 2014 for wine lovers everywhere, "Cheers, Prost, Salute, Salut!

1)We will, no matter how painful or arduous, dedicate ourselves to fulfilling our doctor's orders of having one glass of red wine per day... Got to keep the ticker healthy!

2) We promise to never drink any wine before its time!

3) Our new found love for hiking will continue with a promise to scale another peak. Mount Everst,Mount Kilimanjaro anyone? We're signed up for another year!

4) YES!!! Yet another reason to continue to enjoy our red wine! Keep the Pinot Noir coming, one of the top grapes for "resveratrol" composition!
A glass of red will give you about 640 mg of Resveratrol. Resveratrol is a naturally occurring antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes. Research has shown that Resveratrol can reduce or slow down certain signs of aging. Let's pull a Jack Benny, 39 AGAIN! Fill her up... Actually not quite, leave enough room to swirl, about 1/6 to 1/4 the volume of the glass, depending on the size of the glass. Swirl, sniff and savour!

5) Discover a new wine, a new grape or a new region at least once a week and tweet to our friends.

6) Write a book.

7) Explore organic and biodynamic local wines to help reduce our carbon footprint,

8) We love connecting with fellow wine lovers, enthusiasts and wine novices around the world, our goal is to try to bring the world of wine together, one person at a time, one tweet at a time, one sip at a time

9) Every day presents a new opportunity to be the best we can be, enjoy, embrace and be challenged. As Oprah says "Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right". We're with you Oprah, live, learn and live what you learn!

10)... And finally for the Top Ten's #1 New year's Resolution, we promise to continue to spread our playful approach and wine tasting philosophy to the most unsuspecting wine aficionado!

Happy New Year!
The Wine Ladies
Georgia and Susanne

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