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Dear Wine Ladies,

I've got a favorite recipe that I discovered a couple of years ago for a leek tart, with Gruyere cheese and smoked bacon. A few ladies will be coming over for the long weekend and this will be on the menu for a light brunch item. I'd like to serve a nice white wine, not a Chardonnay or a Sauvignon Blanc, something a little different. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Dear Wine Ladies,

We are planning a small dinner party and I would like to offer an icewine at the conclusion of the meal. A little virtual shopping is leading me to rethink this due to the prices. How many ounces is an appropriate serving for a dessert wine?


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Dear Wine Ladies,

What does it mean when some-one says "a wine goes to sleep" for a while? Did I hear that right?


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Dear Wine Ladies,

I really enjoyed your guest on the radio show and was fascinated to learn about some of the wines of Austria, formerly a place that never really entered my mind as a producer of great wine! How significant is Austria on the world stage?

Also one of the challenges I found while tuning in was trying to remember the names of some of the grapes which were unfamiliar to me, as well as the places they came from. Could you tell me the name of the award winning white wine Jamie Kennedy always has on his wine list? Is there also a red wine made more specific to Austria?


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Dear Wine Ladies,

Is Port considered a wine and how do they make it so high in alcohol? What is the range of alcohol levels found in Port?


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